Air Sirap

Air sirap is a popular Malaysian drink that can be translated to "syrup water" in English. It is a sweet and refreshing drink made from a combination of rose syrup, water, and sometimes a squeeze of lime juice. The rose syrup used in air sirap is usually made from a mixture of sugar, water, and rose water, which gives the drink its distinct floral aroma and flavor.
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To make air sirap, the rose syrup is first diluted with water, and sometimes a few ice cubes are added to make the drink colder. A squeeze of lime juice may also be added to give the drink a tangy flavor. The resulting drink is sweet, fragrant, and refreshing, making it a popular beverage in Malaysia, especially during hot and humid weather.

Air sirap is usually served in tall glasses, sometimes with a few mint leaves or basil seeds for added flavor and texture. It is a popular drink that is commonly found in Malaysian restaurants, food courts, and street vendors. In addition to its taste, air sirap is also believed to have cooling properties and is sometimes consumed to relieve thirst or heatiness.